Types of Designers


Last night's IGDA Toronto presentation stirred up some interesting conversations (as always). A few of us industry vets were chatting about how the term "Game Designer" is largely misunderstood.

At Phantom Compass, we're still a small enough studio that everyone's at least a little bit of a game designer. I've found it helpful to look at subcategories of this role, since it can help my team collaborate better. Understanding what kind of designer we are can really help us play to our strengths.

Here are a couple of handy references that might give you some ideas about how to collaborate with designers--

Liz goes pretty broad in her subcategories while Richard drills down on only four types: Visionary, Salesman, Empath and Analyst. I attended a live version of Richard's presentation earlier this year and really related to his definitions.

Would love to hear what you think!